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Finding Purpose in Corona Times

You’ve seen the memes this past week or so, ‘This time last year was the last week everything was normal and no one knew it’.

The toilet paper hoarding.

The cancelled March Break trips.

The fear.

The shutdowns.

The family Zoom calls.

The online learning.

The lost jobs.

The economic devastation.

The death.

Those who have been fortunate enough to avoid contracting COVID-19 still haven't been able to escape the fall out. And in our strong desire to get back to normal, we all know that nothing will ever be the same...


My intention isn’t doom and gloom here. Promise.

Rather, I’d like to focus on what my biggest takeaway has been out of all of this.

What happened when time stood still

After the initial pandemic shock wore off, month of being free from the usual distractions encouraged many to turn inward. The ‘I don’t have time’ excuse evaporated and those big dreams could no longer be ignored.

I started noticing people double down. Making stuff happen.

  • Reinventing careers

  • Writing books

  • Starting that side hustle

  • Redoing websites

  • Writing a business plan

And I started getting calls. Many of them from women who were ready to go ALL IN.

And today, in honour of International Women’s Day week, I’d like to highlight one of those women.

Her name’s Jenn too and she was a referral from a dear friend.

Starting a Business During a Pandemic

Jennifer Curry works full-time supporting underserved families in our community and has certainly seen her fair share of heartache in doing so. Part of her job involved helping low income families through the painful process of divorce.

It inspired her to become a professional divorce mediator.

While working full-time, she took all the courses, passed all the tests and she was ready. Jenn would deliver online mediation services in Ontario. A cost-effective and more amicable alternative to the traditional divorce process, mediation is meant for couples committed to avoiding a messy divorce.

All she needed was a marketing consultant to bring her brand and business to life.

She chose me. And what an honour it’s been.

I was able to bring together a team of women to support her. Ursula; for Web design and development and Katherina Limo for a photo shoot.

South Simcoe Family Mediation came to life in two short months. And our #GirlTribe couldn't be happier with the end result.

While walking alongside Jenn on her journey, I found a greater calling in my work as a consultant, copywriter and content marketer.

Jenn inspired me to want to support more women just like her.

Those with the audacity to want more and the drive to go out and get it.

Though this past year has been a dumpster fire on so many levels, my purpose has risen up through the rubble.

This is my key takeaway since the last time the world was ‘normal’.


What’s yours?

Jenn (the copywriter for empowered women)

ps. Yes, boys are still allowed at iFixText ;-). But since I've embraced my passion, the universe is responding with #GirlPower and I can't stop smiling.

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