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3 Small Business Marketing Tactics to Build Relationships

Seems like every week there's a new marketing tactic to consider. It can get pretty overwhelming, especially if you're a small, growing business with limited resources. With so many options, where should you focus your attention and allocate your budget?

Whether you're marketing to businesses or directly to consumers, it's all about building relationships. Let's take a look at three simple relationship building marketing tactics to boost your business in 2021.

Tactic #1: Blogging

Your website is your most important marketing channel. But just because you build it, doesn't mean your customers will come. You'll need to give prospective customers a reason to visit and more importantly, a reason to keep coming back for more.

A blog is one way to provide your target audience with valuable information on the topics they care about the most. Regular posts build trust and position your business as an authority in your space.

At the same time, Google rewards fresh content with higher rankings so customers looking for the services you provide are far more likely to find you.

Tactic #2: Social Media

Simply put, pick a channel and go 'all in'. When time is money, it's best not to dilute your efforts by trying to keep up with multiple social media platforms. Whether that's Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, YouTube or TikTok, your decision should be based on where your customers are most active.

Consistency is key.

Commit to a regular posting schedule and hold yourself accountable. If you need inspiration on what to post, try repurposing content from your blog posts. You can also share articles and other resources from industry experts.

Be sure to respond promptly to comments and engage with follower/fan content with likes, comments and shares.

Tactic #3: Email Marketing

Groan every time you see your overflowing inbox? With all the fancy new digital marketing tools, email still remains the top performing marketing channel.

And your email list is way more valuable than having thousands of social media followers. Why? Because unlike a social media following, you 'own' your email list.

It's a direct channel of communication between you and your audience and it keeps your business top of mind. Whether you're sending promotions or newsletters, keep your content focused on adding value.

Your emails should direct your audience to relevant Web pages with clear calls to action. For example, if you're offering 20% off a bracelet, provide a link to that page. Be sure to use a robust email marketing software like MailChimp and follow anti-spam legislation.

If you have to pick and choose marketing tactics, maintaining a blog, social media presence and email marketing list are surefire ways to boost your business in 2021.

Need some help implementing these tactics in your business? Reach out today!

Start marketing that works,


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