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Copywriting sells

Move customers to click that ‘Buy’ button

The true measure of effective copy is whether it drives an audience to take that ultimate action. A skilled copywriter becomes ‘one’ with the reader, telling the story people need to hear to ‘Buy’, ‘Download’ or ‘Donate’.   

If you’re serious about business growth, you need to invest in copywriting.

Keyboard and Mouse

“Not only has Jennifer given my new venture a voice through creative and effective prose, but she has worked tirelessly with myself and our team to ensure my vision is communicated through every strategic word.”  - Roberto Chaves, CEO, Lumitoro

Where to invest in copywriting


Website: It’s a prospect’s first stop when they’re searching for the solutions you provide. The words they read should be structured to sell.

Landing pages: Whether it’s a Google ad or a social media post, every promotion you run should lead prospects to a landing page that gives them every reason to say ‘Yes’.

Email campaigns: Email generates a whopping $38 for every $1 spent so it should be a critical part of your marketing strategy. Stay out of the ‘junk’ folder with expert copywriting.

Digital advertising: You only have a few seconds to grab their attention. When every word counts, trust a copywriter to get the clicks.

Sales material: From brochures to presentations, a copywriter understands the difference between features and benefits and highlights your value proposition.

The best copywriters are relentless researchers who write in the tone and voice of the audience.

Copywriting has an immediate and last impact on your bottom line. Invest in your growth.

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