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Ready to grow, scale and compete?

Your business needs copy and content that converts and nurtures. 

Over the course of a rewarding 15+ year career, my words have launched companies, built brands, landed media coverage, secured meetings, converted customers and dramatically increased revenue.

After seven years abroad working with start-ups in Montenegro and Sweden, I returned to Canada and was inspired to start a consulting firm dedicated to helping start-ups and small businesses ignite their marketing efforts. 


“Wow! Experience does matter! I am delighted to recommend Jennifer.
She is an absolute communications professional. Her ability to understand the message(s) I wished to deliver, interview me to get the content detail and of course produce the finished product was so professional. She captured everything.If you are looking to communicate a strong effective message, you need Jennifer to help you!” 

 - Paul Thornhill Train to Gain Business Coach

For Promising Start-Ups: You have a hot product on your hands but not enough hands to effectively manage your marketing. I’ve been where you are and understand the pressure. Let me dig through the jargon and geek speak to unearth the message your audience really needs to hear.

For Small Business:  Business is good but it could be better. You know what you need to do: freshen up that stale website, get consistent across social media and start communicating with your customers. I’m the expert that helps get your marketing working and your business booming. 

I’m fluent in topics including, but certainly not limited to: SaaS, mobile tech, PPC, post-secondary education, LED lighting, jewelry, automotive, luxury real estate, law, civil engineering and more.

Whether working within the highly structured teams of Fortune 500s or the chaos of the start-up environment, I bring enthusiasm, patience and skill to every project. And I’d love to chat with you about yours.



Let’s build relationships with the people that matter most to your business.

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